Labor Day Weekend Sale August 28-30!

Frequently asked questions


What is a pawn loan?

It's a very simple actually! You bring in an item and then we will assess the value of the item. If you accept our offer then we will loan you against that item. The loan term is one month with a 60 day grace period. When you come back to retrieve your item you will pay back the amount you borrowed plus any interest that may have been accrued, 

What kind of stuff can i bring in?

You can bring in just about anything of value. We specialize in Firearms, Jewelry, and Electronics. If you are unsure if you can bring in your item just give us a call at 281-445-1500.

when i bring in my item is it immediately up for sale unless i pick it up before it's sold?

Nope! If you get a loan then you have 1 month plus a 60 day grace period to retrieve your item. The only time your item will be placed out for sale is if you become delinquent on your loan. Your item is safely stored in the temperature controlled warehouse of the store.

what is the maximum loan i can get?

The maximum we will write a loan for is $1410.00. You may have more than one loan at a time.

Is the merchandise you have for sale stolen?

Absolutely Not! Contrary to what the movies and television may lead you to believe, less than 1% of our merchandise was stolen. With that said, that 1% isn't out for sale. We work very closely with both state and federal law enforcement to make sure no stolen merchandise is taken into our store and that the criminals are arrested but on the off chance something does get through we do everything we can to have the item returned to the rightful owner. Every item that comes into the store is entered into a nationwide database called LeadsOnline. 

What if I don't have all the money to pay off my loan?

Not a problem at all. There are two methods you can use to help keep your item in pawn and not out for sale. The first is an extension. You get an extension by paying your interest on the loan one month at a time. The second is paying to renew your pawn loan. When you renew your loan you are paying off all interest that may have been accrued on the loan. Your loan is then rewritten and you will once again have one month and 60 days to pay off your loan. Take advantage of renewing your loan and paying off portions of your principal at the same time!